Harmon Killebrew Autographed Signed Official Major League Baseball - JSA Authentic Stat Ball

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This One-Of-A-Kind Official Major League Baseball has been hand signed by Harmon Killebrew. No other baseball out there exactly like this ball! The signature has been authenticated by JSA and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and matching tamper-evident hologram. Killebrew Wrote out his playing years under his autograph on the Sweet Spot. He Inscribed "HR Champ '62, '63, '64" on one panel. The other panel has the inscriptions of "No. 3, HOF '84, AL MVP '69, .256, 2086 Hits, 8147 AB, and 1584 RBI" on another panel. He finished with " 8 - 40 HR SEASONS and 10 - RBI SEASONS" and " CENTURY TEAM". The certificate number can be verified online. This Official Major League Baseball will shipped with a protective plastic ball cube. Prime One Sports is your trusted source for autographed Minnesota Twins baseballs.